A security is a financial instrument that represents an ownership position in a publicly-traded corporation (stock), a creditor relationship with governmental body or a corporation (bond), or rights to ownership as represented by an option. A security is a fungible, negotiable financial instrument that represents some type of financial value. The company or entity that issues the security is known as the issuer.

The term “security” can mean many different things to many people, and there are many companies claiming that they are selling security, but what is it they are selling? Security can mean many different things to individuals, organisations, and states. For instance:

  • Emotional security
  • Financial security
  • Economic security
  • Personal security
  • Health security
  • Household security
  • Resource security
  • National security
  • Environmental security
  • Cyber security

This type of security interpretation rarely appears to address other areas indicated in the list above, yet security crosses all aspects of our personal and business lives and, if applied correctly, could address many of people’s concerns.