Collaboration, connectivity and communication are the need of the hour for organizations. It is a constant endeavor to improve employee interactivity and create seamless experiences for customers while having real-time engagements with the field force. Mobility is redefining the rules of user experience with anytime, anywhere availability and is now a necessity for future-ready, borderless global enterprise.

Mobility is about putting business in motion, with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Today’s Mobile leaders are doing more to integrate mobile into the fabric of their business. Our award winning services solutions are designed to help clients set their mobile strategy, re-imagine their interactions with customers, seamlessly integrate mobile into their traditional workplace and manage this mobile environment in an optimized and secure way. In fact, in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant report for Managed Mobility Services, IBM is the only vendor named to the Leader’s Quadrant two years in a row.
In line with the objective of expanding its services related to mobility, Daimler Financial Services has created Daimler Mobility Services with headquarters in Stuttgart. All new services that the German manufacturer has created in terms of mobility such as car2go, moovel and Corporate Fleets will then be conveyed to the new division. Roberrt Henrich, former head of the car2go project has been appointed new Managing Director of Daimler Mobility Services. “We want to expand – said Henrich – the concept car2go carried out by a procedure fully automated rental also including the commercial fleet management sector. The idea of ​​car sharing for company cars will bring benefits to both companies and employees, because it actually improves the ability of a company car use, allowing employees to use the car even in private life at relatively costs downs. In this regard, an initial pilot project will be launched this year. ” The car sharing service car2go has already reached the breakeven point in three cities and the goal is to significantly increase revenues. The service is active today with 250 thousand members in 18 different cities around the world, and the goal is to increase the number of states and cities already this year. By the end of 2013, the number of available car2go vehicles will rise from the current 6,100 to more than 10 thousand units.