Integrated Communications provides innovative mobility solutions to transportation, distribution and field service organizations.  We are a mobile integrator that has been supplying turn-key field mobility solutions since 2004.  Our alignment, industry expertise and unparalleled support generate value that has been recognized by our customer’s year after year.  Our business model is simple, we stick to the basics which consists of staying focused on saving our customers time and money.  Our ability to align our solutions and capabilities to the goals of our customers sets us apart from our competitors in our industry.

As business processes and management styles are changing, there is a need to change the traditional models of practice in organizational communication. A new model for integrated communication management is proposed, based on concepts of market-based strategic communication, human performance technology, business process re-engineering, and a systematic method for analysis and development of communication interventions. This article presents the theoretical basis for the model, several examples of how organizations are applying this concept, and recommendations for the development of new skills and orientations for organizational communication and training professionals.