With growing volume, velocity, and variety of data, organizations aspire to deliver business value from big data. But with data that is often incomplete, inconsistent, ungoverned, and unprotected, organizations risk big data being a liability rather than an asset. And with traditional approaches that are manual and complex, big data projects take too long to realize business value. Sustainably and repeatedly delivering business value from big data requires a new strategy.

That strategy needs to start with a big data management platform that delivers in these core areas:

  • Big data integration
  • Big data governance and quality
  • Big data security

the talk of big data when you have such a large dataset to require unconventional tools to extract, handle and process information within a reasonable time. [5] There is a reference dimension, but this always changes, since the machines are getting faster and the datasets are always bigger. According to a 2001 study [6], the analyst Doug Laney had called the growth model as three-dimensional (the “3V model” [7]): with the passage of time increase volume (data), speed and variety (the data). In many cases, this model is still valid, even though in 2012 the model was extended to a fourth variable, the accuracy [8]. We see these features in detail.