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Isegel Automation is a reputable Bangladeshi company o ering a number of services within the automation industry. The company Started in 2011 Provided Software Solution and Drive and Automation Solution in industrial automation mostly overseas. 2013, the company expanded and started o ering building, home, Industrial and marine automation In the field of automation, we are awar that a client’s requrments are unique. And so are our services and proposed solutions. Whatever is your business or operation, it is your world. Let ISegel automate solution it.


Beckho implements open automation systems based on PC Control technology. The product range covers Industrial PCs, I/O and Fieldbus Components, Drive Technology and automation software. Products that can be used as separate components or integrated into a complete and seamless control system are available for all industries. The Beckho “New Automation Technology” philosophy represents universal and open control and automation solutions that are used worldwide in a wide variety of di erent applications, ranging from CNC-controlled machine tools to intelligent building automation.

KNX is the Worldwide STANDARD for Home and Building Control

More convenience, more safety, higher energy savings: The demand for building management systems is continuously increasing.

In order to transfer control data to all building management components, a system is required that does away with the problems of isolated devices by ensuring that all components communicate via one common language: in short, a system such as the manufacturer and application domains independent KNX Bus.

This standard is based upon more than 20 years of experience in the market, amongst others with predecessor systems to KNX: EIB, EHS and BatiBUS. Via the KNX medium to which all bus devices are connected (twisted pair, radio frequency, power line or IP/Ethernet), they are able to exchange information.

Bus devices can either be sensors or actuators needed for the control of building management equipment such as: lighting, blinds / shutters, security systems, energy management, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, signaling and monitoring systems, interfaces to service and building control systems, remote control, metering, audio / video control, white goods, etc. All these functions can be controlled, monitored and signaled via a uniform system without the need for extra control centers.

Industrial Automation – Electrical

When it comes to industrial automation, ISegel is your solutions partner with wide experience both in Local and abroad. We strive to provide our customer with a complete solution both electrical and mechanical. We are able to design, build and program controls for various production areas, such as food processing, recipe dosing, bricks factories, concrete plants, tank cleaning systems, packaging machines, bakeries etc. In our designs we always take in consideration downtime, quality improvements, increased productivity, energy efficiency and most important safety.

Our activities in electrical engineering

  • Design and build custom aontrol cabinets to customer specification;
  • Specializing in PLC Programming on various brands such as Beckho , Siemens, ABB Schneider and Omron;
  • Integration of HMI and SCADA system customized for end-users;
  • Monitoring and logging of data in database or accounting software acquired from factory floor;
  • Integration with third party equipment;
  • Designing of communication topologies with various types of industrial networks such as Ethernet, Profibus and EtherCAT;
  • Servicing and repairs (with possible upgrades) to already existing installations of various types.

Our activities in mechanical engineering

  • CAD design for new projects and upgrades
  • Improvements in existing processes in terms of efficiency, throughput time

and quality combined with waste reduction. Our design will involve operator ergonomics to reduce fatigue and improve efficiency. We also offer a complete solution involving delivery of a complete machine custom built for clients’ requirements

  • The introduction of new technology to clients to maintain or lead competition and/or to simplify existing processes and reduce production costs
  • Having experience in tool shop processes our solution will involve selection of the appropriate material to offer the optimum solution
  • We offer project management and control with respect to Quality, Time and Cost constraints

Building management system

Building Management System (BMS) is installed in buildings to control and monitor the

and security systems. Isegel Automation team specializes  in software and control cabinets using

the latest technology to realize the most  solutions for these buildings.


Our main activities are:

  • Peak demand monitoring, energy metering and pulse counting
  • Lighting control through DALI/DSI or 0…10V
  • Utilization of building networks such as KNX/EIB, LonWorks, Ethernet, BACNet etc
  • Controlling of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) for occupant comfort
  • Integration with security systems such as Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms and CCTV to be controlled in an intelligent way
  • Controlling, Monitoring and data logging form SCADA computer systems
  • Remote control of the complete building from the internet
  • Remote alarming such as SMS, emails or telephone messages

Home automation

Home automation is the latest technology installed in houses and buildings to control the lighting, blinds and air conditioning for the purposes of comfort and energy saving. The system, among other possibilities, can control multi room sound systems and video in an intelligent way from the comfort of your sofa. Isegel Automation is able to realize working solutions to customer requirements.

Our main activities are:

  • Applications in home control ranging from lighting, dimming and blinds and shutters controls
  • Integration with air conditioners and floor heating systems to control temperature in real time
  • Scene saving from a simple wall push button without the need of a touch screen
  • Integration with iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android OS Devices to control all the building
  • Monitoring of your house through internet from anywhere in the world
  • Energy metering and remote management
  • Integration to multi-room audio and video systems to be controlled from a centralized location such as iPad
  • Integration with the alarm and CCTV system

Marine automation

In this prestigious sector JMartans automation is continuously updating with the latest technology to o er the customers quality and comfort.

Our activities in this area include

  • Controlling and monitoring of generators, ventilation system, fuel system, tank levels, engines etc
  • SCADA systems to visualize, set, log and control every item on the vessel
  • Lighting and blind control with scenes from touch pads
  • Multiroom video and audio system
  • Integration with propeller control and autopilot.